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Communication begins at birth and is how we connect and bond with our children. Delayed or disordered speech and language development can lead to a breakdown in communication with our children. Early assessment and intervention is therefore vital to ensure that children achieve their maximum potential in communication development and help alleviate some of the associated difficulties of communication break-down such as frustration, withdrawal and socialisation difficulties.

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Speech Pathologists at Speechcare offer a range of services to help people to improve their communicative abilities. Our areas of specialisation for adults are language, voice, fluency, speech articulation problems, accent modification, literacy difficulties and speech, language and swallowing disorders acquired as a result of stroke or other neurological conditions.

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Speech pathologists from Speechcare provide on campus services at schools and colleges. We currently have speech pathologists visiting John Paul College at Daisy Hill, Redeemer College at Rochedale and Canterbury College at Waterford. We also visit client’s schools upon request to meet with teachers and assist with formulation of Individual Education Plans and implementation of classroom strategies.

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We offer mobile speech pathology services. Sometimes it can be difficult to come to the clinic and sometimes it is more appropriate for you or your child to have therapy in familiar surroundings.

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