trouble projecting voice

I am a teacher and I sometimes find that my voice is weak and I cannot project it so that the whole class can hear me

For teachers to be effective they need to maintain voices that stand up to the heavy demands of teaching. It is easy to take the voice for granted until there is a problem and for the teacher or professional voice user this is of great concern.


  • Keep the larynx and vocal tract moist:
    Drink water, particularly when singing/talking
  • Reduce throat clearing and coughing:
    Swallow instead
  • Pace the amount you use your voice:
    Plan balanced voice use during the day and set aside non-speaking times e.g. read a book, listen to music, meditate, switch on the telephone answering machine, go for a walk
  • Maintain appropriate relaxation:
    Relax neck and shoulder area e.g. neck massage, shoulder shrugging, head rolling, stretching exercises
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle:
    Get sufficient sleep regularly. Exercise regularly. Eat regular meals particularly breakfast
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